Monday, August 26, 2013


Well, finally finish my ESL essay I found that was kinda boring. Falling asleep like seriously... and that's why I'm here now :D looking through my photo just now and guess what hehe. I found this! Dak-Galbi from Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant teeeheeeee! *omg i am hungry nowwwww* Trust me, this taste so goooood my god I can't even! Me wanna have this again! 

Dak-Galbi, Uncle Jang Korean Restaurent.

Just realised that this korean restaurant is only a kissing distance away from my house after so long -.- decided to went there with my housemate for dinner last Saturday as both us are korean food freak hehe we hunt korean food like mad haha! Fyi, another housemate of mine was back to hometown ady so she is not with us and I guess she doesnt like korean food much.  And surprising this restaurant was nice and ohya I can't forget the cashier guy, korean I think? He is way tooooo tall my godness. He has the same height with me sitting and he squatting while taking order, I was like :o .... k but that's not the point haha. Price was affordable as well, worth to try! Hehe.

Uhmmm, let me end my update here cause I just wanna share food I love and as you know I am so boring now. Plenty of assignments to do but me lazy. HAHA will be dying soon bye!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hello! Finally decided to start blogging after so long, but I dont think I will update my blog so often as I'm really busy with my studies and... my life is not happening! Admitted that I'm actually a boring kind of person, lol :o

Hmmm still using this old link for blog cause I am way too lazy to make a brand new one! Haha! I just wanna blog to note down all pretty memories, and dont really care that whether readers are there or not. Viewed my own blog articles since 2009, wonder why I was so active last time and all those posts are just awkward and lala -.- maybe that's the reason why I never get a good result in my high school life! Haha! 

Me having my Pre-U course since months ago, April of this year. Syllabus are really packed as I only have 8 months time to complete the Pre-U programme. Principle said that we must be proud that we are the first batch of April intake student for SAM Pre-U ever. But how bout no..? Too much stress for us! Lil bit of regret for taking this actually, thinking to give up once but ended up by me became more hardworking to achieve better results! Haha I swear that I never been so hardworking since primary school! It is s good sign I think? Hope to keep it up :D

Well, spent my Saturday with sleeep and horror movie. What a lazy day and, lifeless! urghhhh!

It's 1.10 am now so goodnight if anyone are reading this, and thanks you! But I think no.

Bye! :D